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The 2020 hunter orientation Schedule is available under "hunting notices".

Status of MOD & P/L Effective September 3, 2019

MOD area is closed for fishing, scouting and hunting through February 29, 2020. 

P/L area is open for fishing, scouting and hunting for all hunter categories except those public hunters randomly drawn.  

Deadline date to submit turkey pics for the website is May 20th.

Attention Hunters: The "Annual Firearm Inventory For MLAAP Hunters" form must be provided to the Natural Resource Office to purchase a 2019-20 MLAAP hunting/fishing permit. This will be a current list of all possible firearms for use on MLAAP. You can locate this under "Forms" on website homepage.

Hunter Orientation: All hunters who hunt on MLAAP must attend a hunter orientation class (which is good for 4 years). Dependents and Guests, regardless of ages, are exempt from the orientation class because their sponsor is responsible for them. Hunter who require orientation must attend before they can purchase a MLAAP permit. 

Deadline to submit deer pics for the website is January 28th.

Dependents, regardless of age, are not required to attend the hunter orientation class since their sponsor is responsible for their actions.

Hunting Request Forms 814, can no longer be submitted through this website. Please send your hunting request either by fax (731-686-6259) or email to peggy.e.beasley2.ctr@mail.mil.

Hunting Request Forms 814, can be printed off the website but can ONLY be submitted early to the Natural Resource Office for opening weekends of turkey and deer muzzleloader & gun seasons. All other days of hunting you will turn in your request forms to the guard dispatcher at the time of check-in to hunt. 

Please read check-in and check-out times in MLAAPR 420-2 regulations (Page 9) 7. General Information, dd. & ee.

Attention: All active duty military and national guard applicants MUST include a copy of active duty military orders when submitting your 813 Application for a MLAAP hunting/fishing permit.

Attention Hunters: The FBI National Crime Information Center - Interstate Identification Index (NCIC - III) Background Check is required per HSPD-12 (Homeland Security Presidential Directive) Department of the Army Directive 2014-05 Department of the Army Executive Order 033-15 Army Regulation 190-13, Physical Security. Note: The NCIC-III background check will replace the TBI background check or Handgun Carry Permit. See hunting notice "2018-19 MLAAP Hunting/Fishing Permit Sales" for more details.

Attention Hunters: A Firearm Inventory for MLAAP Hunters Form is required per AMC (Army Materiel Command) CPM 210-1, 31 August 2017. See hunting notice "2018-19 MLAAP Hunting/Fishing Permit Sales" for more details. 

Hunting Zone 17 is closed until further notice.

Hunting Zone 27 east boundary is the crop fields. The woods on the east side of Zone 27 are off limits; obey the signs.

New Harvest Reporting Procedures:

Upon harvesting turkey or deer, hunter will submit harvest data to the State per smartphone, computer or at a participating check station (MLAAP is no longer a check station). See a list of participating check stations posted on Gd. HQ bulletin board or at TWRA website. Hunter is required to list harvest data on Form 814, request/windshield pass and turn in to Gd. Dispatcher at time of check-out.  

Procedure to report MLAAP turkey or deer harvest data on smartphone or computer: Go to TWRA website and input Gibson County; WMA for a wildlife management area; and Milan AAP.

  1. Hunt/Fish Request Form 814 must be filled out and given to Guard Dispatcher EVERY TIME you check in to hunt. Even if you have submitted a request form, in advance, for opening weekends of turkey, 1st muzzleloader and lst gun - it is still MANDATORY to provide Form 814 to dispatcher.

  2. If you submit Form 814, in advance, and are assigned a zone prior to opening weekends, you MUST FIRST HUNT hunt your assigned zone, before you can change zones with guard dispatcher at 10:00 am.

  3. 3 things REQUIRED when checking in with dispatcher to hunt: Completed Hunt/Fish Request Form 814; Hunter I.D. Form; MLAAP hunter permit card
    3 things REQUIRED when going through guard gate to hunt: Completed Hunt/Fish Request Form 814 (windshield pass), MLAAP hunter permit card, Hunter's Driver's License

Public hunting maps are now available on website - but only when hunter inputs his MLAAP issued permit no.



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