Hunting Notices

Status of MOD & P/L Effective September 3, 2019

MOD area is closed for fishing, scouting and hunting through February 29, 2020. 

P/L area is open for fishing, scouting and hunting for all hunter categories except those public hunters randomly drawn.  

Coyote Season 

 MLAAP will conduct a Coyote Season during January 6 – February 29, 2020.  Coyote zones are combined regular hunting zones to accommodate larger areas necessary to safely harvest coyotes.  “MLAAP Coyote Hunting Zone Map” designates the newly created zones and is available from the Natural Resource Office, Guard Dept., and on the hunting website, Coyote zones will hold only 1 party of up to 4 hunters at a time.  

  1. All hunters must possess a valid TN hunting license legal for the species and weapon utilized. 
  2. All hunting applicants must provide the MLAAP AO Security Office with a NCIC-III background check prior to purchase of MLAAP hunting permit.
    1. To apply for a NCIC-III, Form MLN 190-1 (11/17) must be completed, signed, dated and faxed on American Ordnance Fax Cover Sheet along with DD Form 2923, Sep 2010 Privacy Act Data Cover Sheet to American Ordnance Security at 1-731-686-6619. (Forms are available on hunting website)
    2. Hunters exempt from the NCIC-III must possess a CAC card (Common Access Card) i.e. Active Duty Military, MLAAP employees (including badged contractors); guests and dependents less than 18yrs. old.  
  3. Public hunters can only participate in the Coyote Season as the guest of an authorized person licensed to coyote hunt on MLAAP.  
  4. Guest hunters are not required to attend hunter orientation.  Their sponsor is responsible for their actions.   
  5. Applications for coyote season should be submitted as “small game” on Forms 813 or 813G.
  6. Hunters are required to complete a Hunter Orientation Class except guests or dependents.
  7. Hunters are required to submit all possible firearms used on MLAAP on the “Annual Firearm Inventory Form”. 

Hunting Rules/Regulations: 

  1. Hunting will be limited to daylight hours. No hunting allowed in Zones 3, 6, & 7 on Monday – Thursday.
  2. Nighttime hunting is prohibited.
  3. Electronic calls are allowed.
  4. Bows, Crossbows, Muzzle-loaders and Shotguns only (No Pistols, Rifles, or Buckshot)


Season Dates:   

Sept. 1 – Sept. 28    
Oct.  12 – Nov. 3 
Dec.  8 – Jan. 15, 2020

Fields:   Three fields were planted in corn and have been mowed. There is 1 field in Hunting Zone 16 and 2 fields in Hunting Zone 25. An Installation dove map and individual Zone 16 and Zone 25 dove maps are available on the hunting website and from the Natural Resource Office.   

Field Hunter Limits:  maximum of 20 hunters at one time  

Legal Shooting Times: One-half hour before legal sunrise to legal sunset, except for dove hunting on opening day when shooting hours will begin at noon.  

Shotguns:  Shotgun must be incapable of holding more than three rounds.

Daily Bag Limit:15 (same as State)

Safety:  Hunters must be aware where other hunters are located around the field and take appropriate safety precautions.

Note:  Deer scouting for Zones 16 and 25 will be allowed from sunrise to 12:00 noon on opening day.  

For questions, call Peggy Beasley, Monday through Thursday at 731-686-6682. 


MLAAP Limit:     Maximum of 6 deer during hunting seasons combined: 2 antlered and 4 antlerless while not exceeding any season’s  individual harvest limit below:

(Definitions per State):

Antlered Deer = male or female with antlers 3” or more

Antlerless Deer = male or female with antlers less than 3”   

All deer harvested on MLAAP are bonus deer and do not count against your State quota

Seasons Season Dates

Sept 28 – Oct. 24, 2019   (See Note * Below)
Oct. 28 – Nov. 8, 2019    (See Note ** Below)

Muzzleloader  Nov. 9 – 22, 2019  (hunter may bring only 1 guest at a time during opening weekend) 
Gun   Nov. 23, 2019 – Jan. 5, 2020

Note *Archery season closes 1 day earlier than the State to allow scouting prior to the Wounded Veteran Hunt on MLAAP on Oct. 26 – 27. 

Individual Harvest Limits:


  • Daily Limit:  1 per day 
  • Season Limit:  2 total for all seasons combined   *See restriction below for 2ndantlered deer. 

Antlerless: (Doe or button buck)

  • Daily Limit:  1 per day
  • Season Limit: 4 total for all seasons combined

* 2 antlerless deer must be harvested before the 2nd antlered deer can be harvested 

2019-20 Request for Daily Hunting/Fishing Permit (Form 814)

The Natural Resource Office does not accept a Request Form 814 for any hunting dates except for the following:  

 Season Opening Weekend Deadline Date Assigned Date
 Muzzleloader Nov.9-10  Oct. 30 Oct. 31
Gun Nov. 23-24 Nov. 13 Nov.14 

Deadline dates to submit request forms is 10 days prior to opening weekends; this allows hunter 1 weekend to scout/put up stands. 

Request forms to hunt all other days will be given to the Gd. Dispatcher at the time of check-in. Hunter will be assigned a zone on an as-available basis. 

Submit Request Form to the Natural Resource Office either by:

  • Fax to (731) 686-6259
  • Mail to Milan Army Ammunition  Plant, Natural Resource Office, 2280 Hwy. 104W, Suite 1,  Milan, TN  38358 (Allow 1 to 2 weeks to reach our office).     
  • Note:  Request Forms can no longer be submitted through our hunting website 

If you submit a request form for opening weekends by the deadline dates– you will be randomly drawn for a zone.  You must hunt that assigned zone until at least 10:00am before you can change to a different zone. 

If request form is late or hunter chooses not to submit form prior to hunt, Guard Dispatcher will assign zone upon hunter check-in.

To find out your assigned zones for the opening weekends contact:

  • Peggy (686-6682) during working hrs. Mon-Thurs. 6:00 – 4:30 pm
  • Guard Dispatcher (686-6565) after working hours
  • Assigned zones will be posted on Gd. Dept. bulletin board 


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