2020-21 Request for Daily Hunting/Fishing Permit (Form 814)

The Natural Resource Office does not accept a Request Form 814 for any hunting dates except for the following:

Season Opening Weekend Deadline Date Assigned Date
MuzzleloaderNov.7-8Oct. 28Oct. 29
GunNov. 21-22Nov. 11Nov.12

Deadline dates to submit request forms is 10 days prior to opening weekends; this allows hunter 1 weekend to scout/put up stands.

Request forms to hunt all other days will be filled out at Gd. Dispatcher Office at the time of check-in.  Hunter will be assigned a zone on an as-available basis.

Submit Request Form to the Natural Resource Office either by:

  • Email completed request form to peggy.e.beasley2.ctr@mail.mil
  • Mail to Milan Army Ammunition Plant, Natural Resource Office, 2280 Hwy. 104W, Suite 1, Milan, TN  38358 (Allow 1 to 2 weeks to reach our office).  
  • Hand deliver to installation and leave with Guard Dispatcher office.  Must be in a sealed envelope marked “Peggy”.
  • Note:  Request Forms can no longer be submitted through our hunting website   

If you submit a request form for opening weekends by the deadline dates– you will be randomly drawn for a zone.  You must hunt that assigned zone until at least 10:00 am before you can change to a different zone.

If request form is late or hunter chooses not to submit form prior to hunt, Guard Dispatcher will assign zone upon hunter check-in.

To find out your assigned zones for the opening weekends contact:

  • Peggy (686-6682) during working hrs. Mon-Thurs. 6:00 – 4:30 pm
  • Guard Dispatcher (686-6565) after working hours
  • Assigned zones will be posted on Gd. Dept. bulletin board