2021-22 Public Deer Hunting Permits

The Milan Army Ammunition Plant (MLAAP) will conduct a drawing for public deer hunting.  The following permits are available for the 2021-22 seasons.  Deer season dates are forthcoming in Plant Notice on website.

Season # MLAAP permits Permit Cost
Gun 44$25.00

Age Requirement:  Must be 21 years or older    Application deadline:   Aug. 18th

To apply for Random Drawing (send only the following information /money):

  • Copy of TWRA Hunter Safety Certificate from any state
  • List personal information:  name, address, phone number
  • List which seasons you want to be drawn for:  (archery, muzzle, gun).  You can apply for all 3 seasons – but if not specified – will be put in archery drawing only.
  • Application fee:  Total of $5.00 (no matter how many seasons you apply for) .  This fee is non-refundable but will be applied toward the purchase of a MLAAP permit if and when all requirements are met.  Check or money order payable to the U.S.
  • Treasury (cash not accepted).

If Drawn:  You will be notified by letter in the mail.  The following two (2) requirements must be met before you can purchase your MLAAP hunting permit:

  1. All hunters must have either a NCIC-III background check or possess a CAC (common access card) to hunt on the installation. The background check is Form MLN 190-1 “Request Access to MLAAP” and must be completed, signed, dated and either hand-delivered to American Ordnance or mailed to the address below. Also include DD Form 2923 Privacy Act Cover Data sheet along with Form MLN190-1.  These forms are available on the hunter website under “Forms”.
  2. All hunters, except guests and dependents must attend a Hunter Orientation Class (exempt if attended within past 5 years) Contact Peggy Beasley, 731-686-6682, to register for a class or for the last date you attended. The 2021 orientation schedule is located on MLAAP hunting website.

How to Purchase MLAAP Hunting Permit.

  1. Fill out Form 813, Application for Hunting/Fishing Permit (2 pages). Form is on website.
  2. Fill out Annual Firearms Inventory Form: Form is on website, under “Forms
  3. Provide copy of Appropriate Tennessee hunting licenses.
  4. Provide Check or money order payable to the U.S. Treasury, cash not accepted.  ($25.00 for each season drawn for minus your $5.00 application fee).

Milan Army Ammunition Plant
Natural Resource Office
2280 Hwy. 104 W, Suite 1
Milan, TN  38358-3176