Changes to 2020-21 Deer Season


  1.  All deer harvested on MLAAP are now part of State of Tennessee Bag Limit. (MLAAP Deer Are No Longer Bonus Animals)
  2. All deer must be recorded on TWRA app or tagged prior to moving.
  3. All deer harvested on MLAAP are considered within the CWD Zone.
  4. All deer harvested must follow TWRA “Chronic Wasting Disease Zone Regulations” pertaining to the transferring of harvested game.  (See )
  5. All hunters must follow MLAAP COVID-19 Guidelines (See COVID Changes)
  6.  MLAAP is not currently participating in the TWRA “Earn a Buck” or “Replacement Buck” programs.
  7. No more than 2 antlered deer and 4 antlerless deer may be harvested during the MLAAP 2020-2021 hunting season.  Hunters must harvest 1 antlerless deer prior to harvesting 2nd antlered deer.
  8. MLAAP will participate in Young Sportsman Hunt Oct 31st-Nov 1st. (See 2020 Youth Deer Season)