Changes to Hunting Program Due to COVID-19


  1. Hunter Orientation Refreshers have been waived for anyone who has had an MLAAP Hunter Orientation from 2015-2020.  Any new hunter or those prior to 2015 are still required to attend an MLAAP Hunter Orientation Class. (See Hunter Orientation Schedule)
  2. If you have fever or are feeling sick please stay home.
  3. Every hunter entering Security Dispatch is required to have their temperature checked.
  4. If a hunter is found to have a fever, neither they nor their hunting party will be allowed on the installation.
  5. All hunters will be required to wear protective masks at all times at the following locations; Security Dispatch, 75/104 Guard Gate, and Game Weigh-in Station.
  6. Only 1 hunter or 1 party of hunters at a time is allowed in Security Dispatch. All party members must come in for temperature checks and show I.D.s/permits.
  7. Please maintain six (6) feet of space at all times during check-in procedures.
  8. It is recommended to bring a pen to fill out all paperwork.
  9. Guards will be required to see Hunter Permits, Driver’s Licenses, and Window Passes but are not allowed to physically touch any of these items.
  10.  Security will issue keys and codes to those individuals hunting areas that require such items.  All keys will be returned to the receptacle at Security Dispatch at end of hunt.  Hunters will be charged $250 for lost keys.
  11. Hunters will check into MOD at A-8 gate using a code provided by Security Dispatch.  Ensure gate is closed behind you before proceeding.
  12. Hunters must fill out all information and show window pass to Security Dispatch prior to depositing in hunter dropbox before leaving the installation.

We ask for your patience as our Security Staff and fellow hunters adjust to these new safety procedures.