2021 Spring Turkey Season

Youth Turkey Season:  March 27-28

Spring Turkey Season: April 3 – May 16



  • Youth Turkey Season One (1) bearded turkey per day, not to exceed two (2) turkey per  youth season. (Not open to drawn public hunters)
  • Spring Turkey Season 1 Adult Gobbler or 1 Gobbler with a 6” beard or longer per day not to exceed 3 per season;
  • Immature birds (jakes) may not be harvested outside of Youth Turkey Season.

Youth Turkey Season Regulations (March 27-28, 2021)

Open to ages 10-16. Each young sportsman must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, 21 years of age or older, who must remain in a position to take immediate control of the hunting device. The accompanying non-hunter must be licensed through the State of TN and MLAAP Hunting Program for that season. Youth must have completed an approved Hunter Education Course.  Youth must possess required State of TN License and MLAAP Turkey Permit (or) Sportsman Permit for that season.  A maximum of one (1) youth hunter per one (1) non-hunting adult is required to participate.  All other State of TN and MLAAP turkey hunting regulations, quotas and weapons restrictions will apply, with the exception of the “No Jakes Rule”. One (1) bearded turkey per day, not to exceed two (2) turkey per youth season.  All harvested game count toward the “MLAAP Season Bag Limit” for that youth hunter.  The youth hunter is the sole responsibility of the non-hunting adult.  Any violation of hunting regulations will result in a penalty being assessed on both hunters and could result in the loss of hunting privileges for both individuals at the discretion of the Natural Resource Management Office or Commander’s Representative.

  • To apply for or purchase MLAAP Turkey Hunting Permit see 2021-22 MLAAP HUNTING/FISHING PERMIT SALES

General Information:

  • Turkeys taken on MLAAP are part of the regular Tennessee State bag limit; are not considered bonus birds.
  • Zone boundaries:  Hunter capacity per zone varies.  A zone/hunter capacity list, along with a hunting map, is available at T-116 Guard Headquarters or www.milanarsenalhunting.com.
  • MOD & P&L areas:  open for scouting and hunting Friday- Sunday and on holidays.
  • Driving on roads:  MOD area roads are limited to the patrol road, Rt. 2 road and A-8 road.
  • Driving on P&L area roads is limited to the patrol road and the dividing road between P and L.  Only paved or gravel roads may be driven in all other areas.
  • Weapons:  Shotguns and muzzleloading shotguns loaded with No. 4 shot or smaller are the only legal weapons. No rifles allowed.  All shotguns must be cased (hard or soft) during transport.
  • Guest Permit Hunters: are allowed to hunt same dates as their sponsor except for opening turkey week April 3 – 9.

Note:  Required Assignment/Check-in Procedures: 

  1. Hunt Request Form (814) can be submitted in advance to request a zone for the following 2  weekends:
    • Opening weekend (Apr. 3-4)  Deadline date to submit: Mar. 24.
    • 3rd weekend (Apr. 17-18)  Deadline date to submit:  Apr. 7
  2. If you submit a turkey request for opening weekend by the deadline date above, you will be randomly assigned a zone.  Hunters must hunt requested zone till 10:00 am before changing zones.
  3. Hunter will now be required to present 2 items to Guard Dispatcher upon check-in:  Hunt Request Form 814 (becomes windshield pass) & MLAAP Permit Card.
  4. Guard at 75 & 104 gate will require to see 3 items prior to gate entrance:  Windshield Pass, driver’s license, MLAAP permit card.
  5. Note:  Hunter will not be allowed to hunt without Possession of his MLAAP Permit Card.
  6. Upon harvesting a turkey, hunter must put biological data (sex, weight, spur, and beard length) on form 814 windshield pass and turn in to Guard Dispatcher when checking out.  Hunter must also send this data into the State per their phone, computer or at participating check station.  (MLAAP is no longer a checking station).  Hunters are now required to follow TWRA’s “Tag before you drag” regulations prior to moving game.

Milan Army Ammunition Plant
Natural Resource Office
2280 Hwy.104 West, Suite 1
Milan, TN  38358-3176
Phone:  731-686-6682
Website:  www.milanarsenalhunting.com