Coyote Season

MLAAP will conduct a Coyote Season during January 4 – February 28, 2020.  Coyote zones are combined regular hunting zones to accommodate larger areas necessary to safely harvest coyotes.  “MLAAP Coyote Hunting Zone Map” designates the newly created zones and is available from the Natural Resource Office, Guard Dept., and on the hunting website, Coyote zones will hold only 1 party of up to 4 hunters at a time.

  1. All hunters must possess a valid TN hunting license legal for the species and weapon utilized.
  2. All hunting applicants must provide the MLAAP AO Security Office with a NCIC-III background check prior to purchase of MLAAP hunting permit.
      • To apply for a NCIC-III, Form MLN 190-1 (11/17) must be completed, signed, dated and faxed on American Ordnance Fax Cover Sheet along with DD Form 2923, Sep 2010 Privacy Act Data Cover Sheet to American Ordnance Security at 1-731-686-9781. (Forms are available on hunting website)
      • Hunters exempt from the NCIC-III must possess a CAC card (Common Access Card) i.e. Active Duty Military, MLAAP employees (including badged contractors); guests and dependents less than 18yrs. old.
  3. Public hunters can only participate in the Coyote Season as the guest of an authorized person licensed to coyote hunt on MLAAP.
  4. Guest hunters are not required to attend hunter orientation. Their sponsor is responsible for their actions.
  5. Applications for coyote season should be submitted as “small game” on Forms 813 or 813G.
  6. Hunters are required to complete a Hunter Orientation Class except guests or dependents.
  7. Hunters are required to submit all possible firearms used on MLAAP on the “Annual Firearm Inventory Form”.

Hunting Rules/Regulations:

  1. Hunting will be limited to daylight hours. No hunting allowed in Zones 3, 6, & 7 on Monday – Thursday.
  2. Nighttime hunting is prohibited.
  3. Electronic calls are allowed.
  4. Bows, Crossbows, Muzzle-loaders and Shotguns only (No Pistols, Rifles, or Buckshot)